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Meet Haneefah

I am Indiana. You are Indiana. Together, we are Indiana! I'm a longtime Hoosier. In 2001, I graduated from Lake Central High School in St. John, IN. I went on to attend Indiana University-Purdue University in Indianapolis. While attending college, I became a youth minister for my church and was the president of a campus Christian student organization. With a lifetime of volunteering and community service under my belt through AmeriCorps, I became a public school teacher and taught science in public, private and charter schools. In 2014, I returned to school to fulfill my lifelong dream of becoming a lawyer. I graduated from Valparaiso University School of Law. I am the Executive Director and Presiding Officer for a civil rights agency and human relations commission. I am also the ADA and Title VI Coordinator. Currently, I'm an associate professor at Indiana University. I also operate my own social service which provides legal and mental health services to indigent clients nationwide. I'm the step-daughter of a retired United Steelworker, daughter of a retired City Bus Driver and factory worker. I come from a family of honorable veterans and decorated soldiers who served their country proudly. I have a lifetime of acquired skills commensurate with representing and leading the people. I announced my candidacy for the U.S. Senate in 2019 and I'm prepared to keep going until we win! Read more below. 


Haneefah Khaaliq currently serves as a civil rights agency director where she is also the ADA and Title VI Coordinator. She is currently an associate professor for the School of Education at Indiana University and runs a small social service agency where individuals who earn a low-income can receive legal assistance, information, and counseling services nationwide. 

In 2001, Ms. Khaaliq graduated as an Honor Roll student from Lake Central High School in St. John, IN, and went on to earn High Honors at Indiana University-Purdue University of Indianapolis. After teaching for a number of years, she returned to school to pursue her lifelong dream of becoming a lawyer. In 2017, she graduated from Valparaiso University School of Law. 
Ms. Khaaliq devoted her life to public service at a very young age through volunteering in her community. As an AmeriCorps volunteer, Ms. Khaaliq spearheaded city-wide initiatives where she created programs for senior citizens and teens, organized blood drives and food drives, neighborhood cleanups, worked with single parents to provide them with the social services they needed to work towards sustainability, helped ex-offenders re-enter society, provided immigrants with information that placed them on a pathway to citizenship, and created graphic designs for non-profit organizations still used today.
As the civil rights agency director, Ms. Khaaliq expanded the city’s civil rights ordinance to protect sexual orientation and gender identity. She also expanded the law to protect senior citizens from age discrimination and worked with the American Jewish Committee on a resolution. From college and beyond, Ms. Khaaliq has been a true activist who regularly attends demonstrations and marches across the country against human trafficking, for women’s rights, for raising the minimum wage, for climate change,  and for civil rights for all. Ms. Khaaliq has also lead demonstrations calling for equality for all and access to affordable healthcare. Ms. Khaaliq was one of the main demonstrators in the Occupy Wall Street protest movement in 2011 and published her experiences from Indianapolis, New York, and Chicago. 
Ms. Khaaliq is also an author. In 2017, she published “A Better Police Force.” The work was inspired by the invitation to present at Valparaiso University’s Annual Martin Luther King Jr. Celebration and Seminar. In the book, Ms. Khaaliq proposes solutions to creating more harmony between the community and law enforcement agencies throughout  the country beginning with community policing and multicultural education and training.
Ms. Khaaliq views running for office as one of the highest forms of activism. As a former public school teacher turned lawyer she is passionate for education and improving the lives of others. Her top three campaign focuses are improving education, reducing poverty, and expanding the civil rights law and the Americans with Disabilities Act.
Ms. Khaaliq has received several awards which include the Diversity Champion Award, recognition by the Indiana Women Lawyer’s Association, and Teacher of the Year. She has also received multiple Corporation for National and Community Service Awards. 
Ms. Khaaliq hopes to bring a difference to the U.S. Senate and an energy for change that will not be forgotten. Ms. Khaaliq first began her run for the Senate in 2019 and has developed 33 national policies and agendas from denuclearization to expanding voting rights. She hopes to add a level of transparency voters have not seen before through creating an online system of engagement. 
Ms. Khaaliq is the step-daughter of a retired United Steelworker who was also a proud union member. She comes from a family of decorated soldiers. She has a lifetime of education, work, and public service experience to represent and lead the people. 

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