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Meet Haneefah

I am Indiana. You are Indiana. Together, we are Indiana! I'm a longtime Hoosier born and raised in the Hyde Park area of Illinois. When my parents divorced, my mother remarried and together we relocated to the suburbs of Illinois. I grew up in such areas as Park Forest and Zion. We temporarily lived in Michigan and Georgia, and eventually returned to Indiana in 2000. In 2001, I graduated from Lake Central High School in St. John, IN. I went on to attend Indiana University-Purdue University in Indianapolis. While attending college, I became a youth minister for my church and was the president of a campus Christian student organization. With a lifetime of volunteering and community service under my belt through AmeriCorps, I became a public school teacher and taught science in public, private and charter schools. In 2014, I returned to school to fulfill my lifelong dream of becoming a lawyer. I graduated from Valparaiso University School of Law. I am now the Executive Director and Presiding Officer for a civil rights agency and human relations commission. I am also an ADA and Title VI Coordinator. Currently, I'm an adjunct professor at Indiana University. I also operate my own social service, providing legal and mental health services to indigent clients nationwide. I'm the step-daughter of a hardworking, retired United Steelworker, daughter of a retired City Bus Driver and factory worker. I come from a family of honorable veterans who served their country proudly. I have a lifetime of acquired values and skills commensurate with representing and leading the people. I've been running for U.S. Senate since 2019 and I'm prepared to keep going until we all win! Join the campaign today. 

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