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Human Trafficking

Human trafficking is a real and present danger. An estimated 27 million people, including 1.2 million children, are held in slavery worldwide despite the fact that in every single country slavery is outlawed. The underground network runs deep and is vastly hidden. To that end, more research is needed from experts in the field to create legislation that will directly shake up the market.

There are a variety of ways to keep open a revolving door when it comes to human trafficking: mass discrimination, illegal immigration, no real crackdowns on crime and kidnappings, illegitimate adoptions, etc. In order to truly crack down on human trafficking in the United States we need leaders in Congress who are unafraid to bring its harsh realities to light! 

As a future United States Senator, here’s what I plan to work on to help end and/or eliminate human trafficking in the United States and parts of the world: 

  • Ensure our law enforcement and first responders have human trafficking awareness training and information by creating and continuing partnerships with anti-human trafficking organizations, such as Rahab's Daughters, a nonprofit organization 

  • Create legislation that cracks down on companies and businesses who refuse to prevent human trafficking in their supply chains 

  • Create legislation that cracks down on illegal immigration (See Immigration Policy). Period. 

  • Partner with anti-human trafficking organizations to provide information to communities on kidnappings and illegitimate adoptions

  • Work on a partnerships between the Department of Child Services and anti-human trafficking organizations to make sure minors aren’t getting lost or displaced in human trafficking rings or other illegal systems. As the United States remains one of the top consumers of sex worldwide, we must remember the tremendous number of children that are being kidnapped and sold as sex slaves right here in America. These are American-born children, 50-60% of them coming from our very own foster care industry. This is why, as your future U.S. Senator, I promise to make this one of my top priorities: to provide a greater monitoring system for Child Protective Services which helps to address the agency’s vulnerability to human trafficking. We’ll start by introducing legislation that focuses on keeping families together. Permanently removing children from their parents and placing them in foster care should be an absolute last resort. We must work hard to keep children and their families together if possible. 

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