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It’s time we put an end to gun violence once and for all and stop pretending we can’t do anything about it. I am not against one's right to bear arms more than I am for the technological advancement thereof and the regulation of sales of guns and ammunition.

It goes without saying, gun violence continues to ravish our communities. Even the staunchest of gun supporters and 2nd Amendment advocates have extended their condolences and sympathies to gun victims and their families. From gang violence to school shootings across this country, I think we can all agree something must be done to curtail the loss of life.

Unfortunately, our senators have done very little to help the situation. Instead, they receive millions in donations from the NRA (National Rifle Association), an organization which should be a partner in helping to end America’s gun violence.

In 2016, there were 382 mass shootings in America. In 2017, there were 346 mass shootings. In 2018, there were 337 mass shootings. In 2019, there were 417 mass shootings. From 2016-2019, 1,482 mass shootings, claiming tens of thousands of Americans lives. The only question to be asked is how many lives could our senators have saved during this time period? Now, let’s talk about what will actually make a difference. 

As a future member of the U.S. Senate, I promise to work on the following:

  • Working with the NRA and other gun rights organizations so they understand we can be partners in dealing with the nation's gun problem. As a lifelong democrat, it's easy to assume I’m 100% against guns. I will be the first to admit, I'm a proud gun owner myself. That's right. During the civil rights movement, my family purchased guns for the very first time and used them to help protect their homes from racist and dangerous segregationists. However, while I recognize the NRA as the longest-standing defender of the Second Amendment, I will not hesitate to hold them accountable for not raising their voices against gun violence in America. We may not always agree on the interpretation of the Second Amendment, but I believe we can work together to save countless lives. It's time to get to work! 

  • Develop an intricate system that lowers/eliminates straw gun purchases. Straw gun purchases occur when someone who is licensed to own a gun or legally able to have/possess a firearm makes purchases for others and/or allows those gun sales to enter the black market. We must combat this problem by working with our law enforcement and retailers across the nation to ensure these sales don’t end up in the wrong hands. 

  • Banning ghost guns and ammunition sales now. A ghost gun is a firearm made by an individual, without serial numbers or any other identifying markings. The gun arrives in parts and allows the owner to “build” or make the gun themselves, legally bypassing background checks and registration regulations for guns. How could we as a country ever allow this?

  • Supporting legislation in favor of universal background checks, proper mental health assessment, and the regulation of gun sales (assault weapons and high-capacity magazines) and ammunition, especially at gun shows and amongst private sellers. We must quit playing games with gun sellers and demand universal change. I support buy-back programs and any other incentives which may encourage individuals to turn in their guns. 

  • Researching the possibility of the designation of mass shooters as domestic terrorists for the purpose of immediate annihilation under the Patriot Act. 

  • Working closely with gun manufacturers towards the development of the next generation of guns and ammunition. Every aspect of American life has been updated except for guns and ammunition. Our cars, our phones, our TVs, all have ongoing updates and advancements in their particular fields. Why not guns? A new generation of guns is on the horizon: ones that require more than just a finger to pull a trigger and a new form of ammunition which includes recyclables and ammunition that doesn’t kill. 

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